Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Their Philosophy:
It is not by following the realities of the world that a man differentiates from another, but
by acting according to his own inclinations and, therefore, doing what his own nature and
personality require; and if it is not his “necessity” that pushes him to act, but his deep and
secret vocation, that man will give value to his life.
It was easy for us to gather our activity after simply having thought about ourselves:
we have gathered it since it was born, we have followed its evolution step by step and
we have seen it going towards its goal with punctual precision and assurance. What
appears to you as the “characteristic style” of our clothes is nothing else than our activity’s
character, which makes us produce something new and original, not with the purpose of
creating a new fashion, but as a natural reflexion of the natural creativeness that is typical
of men that have the tendency to follow their own star. A star that will never stop shining
until we live and we explain our original clothes, we keep them superior and always
subordinate to us, and this way we are always able to produce something more original,
superior and better. And we don’t mean superior in the literary sense of the term, but we
believe that what is original, it is in a superior level and without doubt the true originality is
the only superiority. On the other hand, how could we represent an innovation without a
high quality product?
This is our inclination; and our creative activity will always achieve to overcome the
reached goals, like its spirit – which creates values, before creating suits – it is the reflexion
of the natural vocation of our destiny: the Infinite