Sunday, January 15, 2012

O'Mast DVD Recieved: Some Thoughts

Well, I recieved my copy of Migliarotti's documentary on the giants of Neapolitan tailoring.  After watching the trailer several times, I thought I'd better grab a copy for myself.  I gave it a first viewing last night as soon as it arrived in the mail (I felt like a kid opening a long lost Christmas present).  Without a doubt, the verdict can be summed up in one worrd: Outstanding.  The music, cinematography, and the tailor's in the film made it well worth the $27.00 price tag.  To be honest, I would have gladly paid twice that price. 

The film provides a rare insight into the relatively unknown world of Neapolitan tailoring and the mythical quality of the Neapolitan style.  By unknown and mythical I mean a relatively secretive group of skills and details.  I would say, besides Rubinacci and Attolini, the names of the tailor's in the film are slightly unknown in the popular mind.  

My favorite tailor showcased in O'Mast was Antonio Panico, with Pasquale Sabino coming in a close second.  Panico's rather quiet and semi-gruff demeanor was quite appealing and no nonsense.  Sabino's recollection of the government offiicial was priceless; next time you buy your suit at a department store. 

Of course, the construction of the jacket was a focus of O'Mast.  The soft construction and sloping unpadded shoulder was also a high point of the  video.  I would say the best thing about was that there was no narration, the only voices heard were from the tailor's themselves; straight from the horse's mouth, so-to-speak.
Great film!