Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A&S New Videos, and Other Things

If you haven't been to Anderson & Sheppards website in a while, yo are in for a treat.  They revamped the look of the website and added a number of new videos for your viewing pleasure.  I believe it is a very wise move on their part; the visual referrence gives a personal and approachable touch.  I hope the trend continues.

Along with the new videos covering cutting, padding, trimmings, and pressing, there is a new book planned for release in October entitled "A Style is Born."  Anderson & Sheppard's book, along with Dege & Skinner's, Henry Poole's, Richard Anderson's, and James Sherwood's efforts, will make a solid collection of books on the Row.  Hope you can get your hands on one.

 Also, make sure to grab a copy of Simon Crompton"s (from Permanent Style) new book Le Snob.  So, go check out the videos and get some good style books to read and enjoy.