Sunday, March 27, 2011

Polo Tweed

A number of posts back I had a limited dialogue with fellow blog sensation "Admiral Cod" on the topic of Polo clothing.   I believe the Admiral was reconsidering the merit of Ralph Lauren's Blue Label Polo.  Believe me, I do share a disdain for the ubiquitous sports wear and the instant name recognition; When you can find a two year-old wearing the Polo pony on his shirt, there is cause for alarm.  That said, I still love the suits and sport coats. That's why I ordered one up.

And then it happened!

I received my new Polo suit (made in Italy).  I've been waiting for a suit like this for a very long time; a herringbone tweed suit is not the easiest thing to come by, not a decent price anyway. Anyway, The report is most favorable.  The cut of the suit is on the slim side: perfect.  The tweed pattern is comprised of an amber colored virgin wool, herringbone tweed, which is wonderfully soft and simply classic.  The pants and the coat sleeves are tapered perfectly and the natural shoulders are almost virtually devoid of padding.  It is not a sack suit, but it fits like one and the three button stance rolls to two. Simply put, I am overjoyed at this purchase, not to mention it was an outrageous steal. 

Frankly speaking, I have never had a garment fit so well, and snugly.  The trim aspects of the jacket make it feel as though you are not actually wearing a suit.  Yesterday I had this jacket over a brown cardigan (poor man's vest) and it did not feel cumbersome at all; I guess that is how a suit that is actually well-made should feel.

I am generally in the grasp of the standard American suit: loose, baggy legged, and serviceable. Perhaps a new leaf has been turned, maybe the error of my ways has been realized.  Either way, I am very pleased with another offering from our friend Ralph hanging in my closet but not hanging off of me. 

The obligatory pictures, for the remotely interested.  If you can't tell, the photos are LOUSY, but you get the idea. 

Looking quite possessed!