Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Affected Provincial's Companion

Once again I heard the joyous sounds of the delivery truck outside my living room window.  I pulled myself out of my favorite chair and took a look out the front door to see what wondrous gem had been laid upon my doorstep.  I really wasn't expecting this parcel to arrive today, but a surprise is better when it is completely unexpected. 

If you couldn't gather by the title of this post, my copy of Lord Breaulove Swells Whimsy's book is that surprise.  I had an opportunity to browse through this book online and it looked like it would be a worthy addition to my ever growing collection. 

The cover art, designed by the author, is outstanding; a throwback, or should I say a retrieval, of the ornate books of the past. Whatever it is, it does make a pleasant first impression.

I thought I'd post a few pages for all to see, the humorous ones are quite enjoyable and shockingly accurate.  I hope you will enjoy a taste of The Affected Provincial's Companion. 

You can acquaint yourself with Lord Whimsy by following the link provided at the conclusion of this post.

An Easy Day

I hope your day is as easy it possibly can be.