Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Love the J. Press

Who doesn't love a deal, especially when the deal involves a beautiful new tweed from a favorite clothier?
I happened to be browsing suitable selections on ebay the other day and stumble across this gem with about 2 minutes to go.  I thought I would put a bid in and be topped at the last minute, I was wrong.  My bid was the highest (some other bidder must have been out for the day).  Anyway, I received a very well cared for garment.  It is a striped herringbone 3/2 sack tweed from J. Press.  

As you might know, J. Press items do not usually flood the pages of ebay, usually there are only about 30-40 items (and about 4-5 worth a bid).  I am not into vintage ties and shaggy dog sweaters so I like to take a stab at worthy iems and generally lose the bidding war.  J. Press items tend to draw a few very committed and apparently well off bidders.  In the end I am well pleased.