Friday, August 13, 2010

Academic Dress?

My mind is slowly heading back to the classroom.  The last few weeks have be a time of mental and practical preparation, waiting for the new beginning.  As usual this frame of mind necessitates the need for academically related posts.   I am thinking of the classic work wear for a man in the fortunate position of educating young men.  I think you know where I'm headed.!!  Thank you for allowing such an indulgence.  Truthfully, it bolsters my attitude, and sure makes for nice viewing, too.  

Sheltering oneself from the many battles of the classroom takes a little thought.  It makes me think of the traditional armor of the prep school teacher: sportcoat, blazer, and a sharp suit for variation (for more formal affairs).

This gets me thinking about the places one might obtain such armor.  I have recently thought about J. Press and O' Connell's Clothing, but today I'm thinking about the Andover Shop.  They have some very smart items, especially the sportcoats.  Simply wonderful.  Be forewarned, they are not a discount outfitter! 

Very nice!
Last but certainly not least!

The Andover Shop proudly sells traditional and conservative clothing.  If you are looking for a two button, undarted sportcoat, then stop by and enjoy!