Thursday, July 29, 2010

Steven Hitchcock Master Tailor

Here is a beautiful little video from Savile Row tailor Steven Hitchcock.  As you might already know, Steven Hitchcock is the son of John Hitchcock at Anderson & Sheppard.

If anyone has any personal experience with his work, or comments regarding his process, please feel free to share.  Personally I have not been to Steven Hitchcock, but I do admire his work, and I love to watch a tailor in action.  Enjoy!

Something Different: Desperate Romantics

I have recently finished "Desperate Romantics" and I have to it was terribly addictive.  I picked this video up while I was searching for another and I like it so much more than my intended pick.  If you have viewed this series you already know what I mean about the addictive nature of this piece.  Desperate Romantics is a historical/fictional account of The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood band of painters in mid-nineteenth century England.  It's a perfectly gritty, exciting, perverse, and stylish six hours worth of entertainment. 
The acting is well done, but you might want to give it a little time to get moving or you might think, "This is not what I was expecting."  It really wasn't what I was expecting, either.  I was hoping for an accurate period piece about a group of revolutionary painter in a time of restraint.  I think the end result was a much more entertaining piece for the viewer.  I think of it as a period piece for people who do not like period pieces.  However, lovers of the period piece will absolutely enjoy it.  If you haven't watched this already, please do.