Thursday, July 15, 2010

On a Lighter Note: The Stylish Sleuth

Valued readers, I am hoping to post on the last post of the page a lighter note entry.  It should be fun and it will involve some kind of stylish undertone.  I hope the levity will be greeted as it is intended, a lighter note. So, here goes.

The one and only gentleman detective that has stuck with me for years has been Lord Peter Wimsey.  There have been others that have their own characteristics and style, but none can match the style and delivery of Ian Carmichael.  Sure, Albert Campion, Sherlock Holmes, and Inspector Alleyn have their appeal, but only Wimsey looks like he just walks out of the tailoring house (even though he hated new clothes!).

The  plot combined with the wonderfully lavish lifestyle and sartorial polish of Lord Peter makes for great viewing, and inspiration as well.  For instance, I had been a distant admirer of the tab collar shirt until I saw the collar in action on Wimsey, the way it holds the tie in place is wonderful.  If you have never tried a tab collar try one, you will not be disappointed.

It's funny how a fictional character can have an influence on the personal and developing style of the viewer.  In the present sartorial doldrum in the US and beyond we can always go back to photos, television, and the blogosphere for validation and inspiration. With that being said, have fun with it, but one should be very careful to walk the fine line between style and originallity, and costume revival.