Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Flash of Color and Tradition

What speaks to a man more than durability and functionality?

Well, hopefully elegance and tradition speak as loudly.  A man doesn't buy a new automobile just because it works and is built like a tank.  A new car appeals to the senses and reflects the traditional views of the purchaser.  This should also be the case with the clothing a man chooses to wear.

There is something rugged and refined in a tweed jacket that makes one instantly feel comfortable, secure, confident, and, above all else, well-dressed.  It must be the earthy tones that conjure up thoughts of the country manor, as well as the classroom.  The fun in a good tweed jacket, in my opinion, lies in the pattern.  True, a herringbone is the undisputed classic family heirloom, but a flash of color brings out the personality of the wool and the wearer.  So when you go out this fall, which is creeping upon us, pass over the grey herringbone and pick up yourself a tweed with a nice flash of color.


  Welcome to Traditionally Styled.  In the posts to come the primary focus will be on traditional men's clothing in its many varieties, and other tasty tidbits.  Hope you enjoy.